Malcolm Johnston invented Chicken Pickings® – the first product in a range of chicken treats/ feed supplements from Happy Hen Treats®.

Frustrated at not being able to get our hens in to their coop whenever we wanted and having to use a handful of layers mash or expensive human snacks, I came up with the concept of a safe, clean and convenient method of enticing chickens back in to their coop – a chicken treat that can be sold as a feed supplement and is nutritionally valuable for the chicken!

Target market:

  • 0.6% of UK households keep domestic fowl = approx. 150,000 households (the Daily Telegraph puts the figure at closer to 750,000)
  • Estimates suggest a market for at least one million kg of Chicken Pickings®/ year
  • Back yard / “urban” chickens – maybe 2-12 in number that are sometimes allowed to roam around the garden.
  • Hobby chicken keepers for whom convenience and speed are important in their hectic lifestyles.

Selling points for the retailer:

  • Zero rated for VAT. It is a chicken feed supplement not “pet food”.
  • Attractive, handy tube dispenser is easy to handle, even for a child.
  • No need to wash hands after use as hands never come into contact with the feed
  • A novel gift for people to give to friends with back yard / “urban” chickens

The product is currently retailing at £3.50-3.99 per tube at various places so please call or email me for wholesale prices.


I currently have the dry ingredients mixed for me by a number of mills in East Anglia and then I add the meal worms, pack, label and distribute the product.

Current situation:

I run my own consultancy business called Re-Formation Associates Ltd. Until Happy Hen Treats® is established in the market, the brands are owned by my consultancy company and will be developed as part of my business portfolio.  I am looking for retail outlets that are willing to at least take a trial batch of Chicken Pickings®in order to help me test the market.

Promotional material:

A website is up and running and point of sale material will be developed following feedback from retailers and others.  A campaign encompassing news releases and social media is in development.

Attractive packaging and point of sale material

Attractive packaging and trial version of the point of sale material

DJ Xmas card - Copy

Part of a painting of our first chickens (Salt and Pepper) which was done by my wife and hangs in our summer house. Commissions accepted by negotiation (she says)!

Safe – Convenient – Clean

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