News coverage for launch of Chicken Pickings®. The new feed supplement for chickens!

Happy Hen Treats® is pleased to announce that our first press release has been published by those nice people at Take a look at it here.

Chicken Pickings® has only been available nationally for a week and already the news is spreading. So, if you like to have healthy, happy hens – give them a treat and order some Chicken Pickings® today!

Treat your hens!

Launched informally just a few months ago, Chicken Pickings already has a loyal following and growing sales.  Based on the practical experience of a keeper of ‘backyard’ hens, frustrated by the difficulty of getting his chickens back into the coop at night, a nutritious and convenient feed supplement was developed.  Packaged in convenient tubes, the product is greatly appreciated by hens and their owners.

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