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Chicken Pickings®

No more looking around for snacks to entice your chickens into their coop and no more illegal use of kitchen scraps.  Chicken Pickings® is the safe, convenient and hassle free way of enticing chickens back into their coop at night and the first product from Happy Hen Treats.  Just shake the pack and sprinkle Chicken Pickings® on the ground outside and inside the chicken coop and your chickens will run to hoover up this tasty treat, making it much easier to put them away at night or whenever you want them in.

Hens enjoying Chicken Pickings

Our hens (Nellie and Barbara) enjoying Chicken Pickings and mimicking their predecessors’ behaviour captured in my wife’s painting.

Chicken Pickings® has been formulated by the head nutritionist at a feed
mill in Suffolk and is manufactured for us by experts in this field.  We add the
mealworms ourselves to make this a premium feed supplement for chickens.

Chicken Pickings® is a nutritious feed supplement to be used as a treat and behavioural training aid.  It should not constitute more than 10% of the chickens diet and must not be used as a substitute for layers mash/pellets.  Ingredients include corn, mealworms, oyster shell, seeds, poultry grit and soya oil and we recommend a fresh supply of water is always available to your birds.

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We are already working on other products so keep in touch to be updated.

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