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Treats for Chickens

Chicken Pickings® is the first of, hopefully, many products to be developed to keep your hens healthy and happy and make your life easier.  From many years experience of keeping chickens and the challenge of enticing them back into the coop at night we thought there ought to be an easier, cleaner way!  This is a new venture for us and, although we have received very positive feedback from initial sales, we are keen to find retailers who are willing to work with us to build sales and a platform for further products.  Please get in touch if you would like to be involved and follow us on Twitter.

A happy hen!

A happy hen – Nellie!

For those of us with 2-12 back yard chickens, one of the greatest pleasures (other than delicious eggs delivered daily) is seeing the hens behaving naturally.  If, like us, you sometimes let your chickens roam around the garden or a field, you are well acquainted with the fun and games that can be had trying to get them in at night or when you have to quickly run down to the shops. It is for this situation that we developed Chicken Pickings® – the first of what we hope will be a range of healthy feed supplements/ treats for back yard chickens. Using kitchen scraps to feed chickens has been illegal in the UK since 2001 and most of us keep our layers mash/ pellets near to the chickens. So we wanted a safe, clean and convenient way of getting our hens in when we wanted them in so we simply put a feed supplement into a handy container with a sprinkler lid. No need to wash your hands. Safe and clean for children to use and can be conveniently left by the back door.  You can buy them online here or badger your local farm shop/ feed merchant to stock them!

Safe – Convenient – Clean

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